Our CEO, Per Einar Ellefsen, was interviewed by Bloomberg Opinion columnist Lionel Laurent about the difficulty to list companies in Europe – The US Stock market is eating the world (Bloomberg)

There are real-world costs to Europe’s market lag. One is a higher hurdle for companies to access equity capital in Europe as investors demand more compensation for risk, says Per Einar Ellefsen, CEO of Amundsen Investment Management. Take the auto sector, where the ability to raise cash is king: In 2020, US carmaker Tesla Inc. raised billions in equity not once or twice but three times in the space of 10 months — and saw its share price rise instead of the expected fall that share sales usually bring. Hard to imagine a similar feat in Europe, where carmaker share sales are rarer and smaller: Renault is eyeing an €8 billion to €10 billion valuation for Ampere, but Bloomberg Intelligence says the reality may be lower.