📈 The July IPO of thyssenkrupp nucera is the best performing European IPO this year, returning +18% on day 1. Surprise? Not really. The companies helping solve the challenges related to the energy transition have taken center stage in the Equity Capital Markets landscape over the last few years, with IPOs such as thyssenkrupp nucera, Nextracker Inc., De Nora, Waga Energy, LG Energy Solution… Year-to-date, 3 of the 7 major IPOs in Europe were related to the energy transition: EuroGroup Laminations, Nucera and Hidroelectrica SA.

🤝We founded Amundsen Investment Management in 2021 based on a simple observation: there is a need for active, engaged investors in ECM transactions.  Over the last two years, our attention and pipeline has increasingly been drawn to companies contributing to the energy transition: renewable energy developers and assets owners, hardware manufacturers or service providers in electric mobility and energy efficiency, network operators and providers of energy management solutions, etc.
As we asked our ECM counterparties why so many of these companies were turning to public markets for funding, the answer was simple: there is a tremendous need for capital to finance the growth the companies are experiencing, and the public markets are generally the best place for them to raise it.

💰What is the impact of this? $50bn p.a. of global ECM transactions supporting the energy transition over the last 3 years – through IPOs, follow-on offerings and rights issues. The future pipeline is growing every day as policy and technology unlock new opportunities for these companies.

Watch this space as we continue to crunch the numbers and discuss the topic with our guests on the IPO Stories podcast. Next up is Miguel Stilwell d’Andrade, the CEO of EDP and EDP Renewables, who will be joining us next week.